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  1. In the UK it is known as Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.
  2. Work on the event's headquarters should be done by Pancake Day 2004.
  3. This established the tradition of Pancake Day being celebrated on Shrove Tuesday.
  4. Pancake day, http : / / www . pancakeday . com
  5. Since 1949 the city has conducted an annual Pancake Day festival.
  6. These activities include dances and special activities such as Cornfest, Pancake Day, and Woodstock.
  7. "I grew up here in Liberal, I guess I'm just used to Pancake Day ."
  8. Some companies Pancake Day in the United Kingdom.
  9. On Pancake Day, " pancake races " are held in villages and towns across the United Kingdom.
  10. ""'Pancake Day " "'is the second solo album by Victor DeLorenzo, better known as drummer of Violent Femmes.


  1. the last day before Lent
    पर्याय: Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday

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