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  1. In one incident Stuart sewed his lips together using wire paperclips.
  2. A homemade alternative to a cherry pitter is an unbent paperclip.
  3. Paperclip Imaging fell 23 percent and Cypros lost 6.2 percent.
  4. Just three of the paperclip-sized insects are known.
  5. Operation Paperclip was conducted by Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency ( JIOA ).
  6. The earliest versuions didn't have an annoying paperclip.
  7. The wartime activities of some Operation Paperclip scientists would later be investigated.
  8. Ltd . which manufactured springs and paperclips and Rain Spray Sprinklers Pty.
  9. Volz was offered a position in the United States through Operation Paperclip.
  10. Several secret U . S . government projects grew out of Operation Paperclip.


  1. a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets of paper together; "the paper clip was invented in 1900"
    पर्याय: paper clip, gem clip

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