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  1. The polymer resins are first mixed with, paraffin oil, antioxidant and other additives.
  2. The strongest signals correspond to the explosive ingredients : water, ammonia and paraffin oil.
  3. It is soluble in propylene glycol, paraffin oil, and kerosene.
  4. In 1852 paraffin oil by distillation of coal, known as the oil shale industry.
  5. After paraffin oil / kerosene cookers.
  6. For this purpose painters most frequently use a paint burner or torch that burns paraffin oil under air pressure.
  7. Overall, the depot-laying journeys established three depots containing of supplies, which included of seal meat and of paraffin oil.
  8. Paraffin oil became the source of power in 1911, and a clockwork mechanism changed the light from fixed to flashing.
  9. Q . During the hurricane scare, somehow or other paraffin oil spilled in the car, and does it ever smell!
  10. Inventor of Processes for the manufacture of cyanides, ammonia, fuel gas and paraffin oils, which have had an important influence on these industries.


  1. (British usage) kerosine
    पर्याय: paraffin

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