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  1. Some descriptive grammars treat adverbial and adjectival participles as distinct transgressives.
  2. Participles and other inflectional forms may also have a special connotation.
  3. Lithuanian retains a rich system of participles, fourteen in total.
  4. Adverbials and participles play an important role in Cyrillic in 1937.
  5. All four participle tenses are used in forming a genitive absolute.
  6. The past participle is employed in the formation of compound tenses.
  7. However, there are a few irregular participles such as these:
  8. This participle does not exist in Ukrainian as a separate form.
  9. This participle is encountered in forming the past tense in Ukrainian.
  10. It is the same for the conjugation with the last participle.

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