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  1. Conjugating verbs and demystifying the past perfect tense was not Matthiesen's style.
  2. Things further in the past are usually described in the past perfect tense.
  3. Ancient Greek has no perfect progressive or past perfect progressive.
  4. Note : In Western Armenian, the present perfect and past perfect have two forms.
  5. The past perfect construction is analogous to that in English.
  6. *You are asking about the difference between the present perfect and the past perfect.
  7. However, preverbs can be added to participles in present perfect and past perfect as well.
  8. The tour was called " Future, Past Perfect ".
  9. It occurs both as a past perfect ( pluperfect ) and as a present perfect.
  10. Latvian has three simple tenses ( perfect constructions : present perfect, past perfect, future perfect.


  1. a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past; "`I had finished'' is an example of the past perfect"
    पर्याय: past perfect tense, pluperfect, pluperfect tense

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