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  1. Some natural type IIb diamonds phosphoresce blue after exposure to short-wave ultraviolet.
  2. The radium itself does not phosphoresce.
  3. Out of the darkness the tireless waves wash in, phosphorescing as they curl and expire on the sand.
  4. Under longwave ( 365 nm ) ultraviolet light, diamond may phosphoresce yellow this is thought to be a unique combination among gemstones.
  5. Low-iron sphalerite ( zinc sulfide ), fluoresces and phosphoresces in a range of colors, influenced by the presence of various trace impurities.
  6. If during tagging the molecule did not reach a phosphorescing state, or relaxed before the molecule was " read ", a second step is needed.
  7. Even at 5 : 30 on an overcast morning the snow seemed to phosphoresce, to reveal the broad contours of the landscape while concealing its subtlest variations.
  8. Boron-doped diamonds transmit light down to ~ 250 nm and absorb some red and infrared light ( hence the blue color ); they may phosphoresce blue after exposure to shortwave ultraviolet light.
  9. Some have the unusual property of florescing one color and phosphorescing at a higher color after exposure to UV . What is this stuff and how is it made ? 18 : 59, 12 April 2007 ( UTC)
  10. Diamonds exhibit fluorescence, that is, they emit light of various colors and intensities under long-wave ultraviolet light ( 365 nm ) : Cape series stones ( type Ia ) usually fluoresce blue, and these stones may also phosphoresce yellow, a unique property among gemstones.


  1. to exhibit phosphorescence

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