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  1. Peter transferred his indenture to PhotoGravures Pty Ltd . in 1941.
  2. In 1945 he learnt photogravure, lithography, silkscreen printing and engraving
  3. The new technique of photogravure printing was installed in 1952.
  4. These coils were printed by Harrison & Sons in photogravure.
  5. His watercolor paintings were turned into photogravures for the book.
  6. Annan and Stieglitz pioneered the more stable photogravure process.
  7. These products are used by practitioners of traditional photogravure etching and by commercial printers.
  8. The unabridged version contains many illustrations with drawings, photogravures, and coloured maps.
  9. These are : recess, photogravure and lithography.
  10. For example, photogravure printing yields the best clarity when printed on coated papers.


  1. using photography to produce a plate for printing
    पर्याय: rotogravure
  2. an intaglio print produced by gravure
    पर्याय: gravure, heliogravure
  3. printing from an intaglio plate prepared by photographic methods

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