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  1. Children are often pickaninnies like Little Black Sambo and Golliwog.
  2. What a cute little pickaninny ! " while patting the head of a black child.
  3. The name has attracted criticism from the media because it contains the ethnic slur pickaninny.
  4. The film is full of racist collectibles _ pickaninny knickknacks such as banks and dancing toys.
  5. The fourth doll, representing a black African woman or girl, is addressed as " pickaninny ".
  6. Mem�n and his mother are depicted stereotypically as the " pickaninny " and the " mammy ", respectively.
  7. The mate in 2 to the right, which combines the Albino with a Pickaninny, is an example.
  8. Eddie's first job in the theater was as a pickaninny with the Mayme Remington's Production.
  9. In the 1930s, Wyandotte Toys used a pickaninny caricature " Sambo " image for a dart-gun target.
  10. I can tolerate a state that once elected a governor named Evan Mecham, who thought pickaninny was an inoffensive word.


  1. (ethnic slur) offensive term for a Black child
    पर्याय: piccaninny, picaninny

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