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  1. :: Whatabob is talking about the stopper in a basin plughole.
  2. These adventure caving tours include the Plughole Tour, which runs daily and includes basic abseiling.
  3. Nevertheless, attracted by Susan s voice in the reverberating plughole, the four friends are reunited.
  4. Both mice lure the cat on to the sink so that they can put his tail down the plughole.
  5. He admitted to pouring ink down plugholes in his flat to hide traces of blood and making his flat look spotless.
  6. In 1977, Walker described the party's membership as being " like a bath with both taps running and the plughole empty.
  7. But wait _ a roly-poly lady of mature years gets to the cubicle first _ and soap boy goes gurgling unhappily down the plughole.
  8. The dam's design is unusual in having two totally enclosed bellmouth overflows ( locally named the " plugholes " ) at the side of the wall.
  9. Why not give it no name at all and just revert or ignore or use robot-like neutral language and watch the angst drain down a plughole of emotional neutrality?
  10. Last summer the newspapers seemed to be ritually reprinting articles headed " What Hope for the West End ? " or " Is Shaftesbury Avenue Going Down the Broadway Plughole ?"
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