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  1. This type of executive structure is known as a plural executive.
  2. Texas has a plural executive branch system which limits the power of the Governor.
  3. Therefore, the earlier Mexican Cortes had established a plural executive, the Supreme Executive Power.
  4. Meaningful reform was precluded, in part at least, by the increasingly cumbersome process of decision making within the politically heterogeneous, plural executive.
  5. Pennsylvania's plural executive was composed of twelve citizens elected for the term of three years, followed by a mandatory vacation of four years.
  6. Some scholars oppose even the " weakly unitary " theory and favor creating a plural executive, as in the many state governments that separately elect an attorney general.
  7. As the culmination of an effort to reestablish the " colegiado " and the plural executive power, a fourth constitution was promulgated on January 25, 1952.
  8. In Federalist No . 70, Alexander Hamilton not only lays down an argument for a unitary executive, but also provides rebuttals to contemporaneous counterarguments in favor of a plural executive.
  9. While Ca�edo supported Ramos Arizpe in favouring a single executive, others, including Rej�n and Guridi y Alcocer, insisted on the need to weaken executive power by establishing a plural executive.
  10. He warns at the end of Federalist No . 70 that America should be more afraid of reproducing the plural executive structure of Rome than of the " ambition of a single individual ."

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