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  1. The banks are also profiting from an aggressive policy of expansion.
  2. Regus has maintained a policy of expansion, opening new business centers.
  3. The conference followed a policy of expansion for a period of time.
  4. It has a stated policy of expansion by acquisition.
  5. From then onwards, Normans engaged in a policy of expansion in North America.
  6. Bahadur Shah was pursuing a policy of expansion.
  7. Suhenphaa s reign showed the continuation of the policy of expansion of Ahom kingdom.
  8. Aistulf continued the policy of expansion and raids against the papacy and the capitation tax.
  9. Cambyses continued his father's policy of expansion, and captured Darius the Great.
  10. New France also began a policy of expansion in an attempt to dominate the trade.

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