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  1. The elephants polish off about 300 kg of green fodder , and sometimes tender banana shoots as a rare treat .
    हाथी 300 किल तक चारा खा लेते हैं , केले के ताजा तने मिलें तो क्या बात है !


  1. finish a task completely; "I finally got through this homework assignment"
    पर्याय: get through, wrap up, finish off, mop up, clear up, finish up
  2. finish eating all the food on one''s plate or on the table; "She polished off the remaining potatoes"
    पर्याय: eat up, finish
  3. kill intentionally and with premeditation; "The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered"
    पर्याय: murder, slay, hit, dispatch, bump off, off, remove

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