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  1. Transmembrane proteins are polytopic proteins that aggregate and precipitate in water.
  2. The duoprisms therefore serve as good polytopic approximations of the duocylinder.
  3. The polytopic representation of a given qLPV model is not invariant.
  4. For instance, if we have a polytopic representation
  5. Thus, if we apply the selected LMIs to the above polytopic model we arrive at:
  6. Note that the polytopic observer or other components can be generated in similar way, such as these vertexes are also generated from \ mathcal { S }.
  7. In contrast with this limited scope, MOFs exhibit more diverse coordination geometries, polytopic linkers, and ancillary ligands ( F  ", OH  ", H 2 O among others ).
  8. Besides being a transformation of functions, the TP model transformation is also a new concept in qLPV based control which plays a central role in the providing a valuable means of bridging between identification and polytopic systems theories.
  9. The TP model transformation is uniquely effective in manipulating the convex hull of polytopic forms, and, as a result has revealed and proved the fact that convex hull manipulation is a necessary and crucial step in achieving optimal solutions and decreasing conservativeness in modern LMI based control theory.
  10. where the vertexes are the same as in the TP type polytopic form and the multi variable weighting functions are the product of the one variable weighting functions according to the TP type polytopic form, and r is the linear index equivalent of the multi-linear indexing i _ 1, i _ 2, \ ldots i _ N.

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