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  1. The Land Registry is obliged to notify the registered proprietor of the land that an application for possessory title has been made.
  2. Even though a usufructuary did not have possessory title, he could sue for relief in the form of a modified possessory interdict ( prohibiting order ).
  3. Originating in Roman law, a " hypotheca " was essentially a non-possessory title, a hypothec operates by hypothecation and transfers neither possession nor title.
  4. In 1972, Hanworth Common was registered under the Commons Registration Act 1965, and, as there was no known owner, Possessory Title was granted to the Hanworth Commons Management Committee in 1974.
  5. This differs from an " order " or " bearer " bill of lading which are possessory title documents and negotiable, i . e . they can be endorsed and so transfer the right to take delivery to the last endorsee.
  6. The film, which bears little to no resemblance to King's short story, was originally released as " Stephen King's The Lawnmower Man ", but the possessory title was removed following a lawsuit filed by King against the filmmakers.
  7. V . In order to carry out this system of settlement a general officer will be detailed as inspector of settlements and plantations, whose duty it shall be to visit the settlements, to regulate their police and general management, and who will furnish personally to each head of a family, subject to the approval of the President of the United States, a possessory title in writing, giving as near as possible the description of boundaries, and who shall adjust all claims or conflicts that may arise under the same, subject to the like approval, treating such titles altogether as possessory.

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