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  1. He was then offered another contract in the summer because of his potential ability.
  2. Is this a real potential ability zero-point energy can do?
  3. They are known in the industry for their versatility and potential ability to create chartbusters.
  4. I'd like to thank my nominator for his confidence in my potential abilities as an administrator.
  5. Hosting services have the potential ability to identify when and where their images are being used.
  6. Its potential ability to twist and turn at high speed could have enabled it to evade pursuers.
  7. Kerry's potential ability to tap his wife's vast fortune has worried Weld's campaign aides from the beginning.
  8. It surveys at considerable length the area of biological weapons and Iraq's potential ability to deploy or use them.
  9. The second group, the PfB, went to research the site for the potential ability to contribute to the archaeological record.
  10. Their potential ability came into light after only one year, when they took part in the 1999 Dead Sea ultramarathon.

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