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  1. The magnitude of the potential drop is equal to ( at least)
  2. Once they leave office, the threat potential drops dramatically, " he said.
  3. The potential drop between the electrodes determines the rate constant of the reaction.
  4. This causes a potential drop along the length of the device.
  5. Potential drop-ins would be wise to wait a few weeks, though.
  6. The unions say they are concerned by a potential drop in work conditions.
  7. Since no current is flowing through it, there is no potential drop across it.
  8. The higher the order, the faster the potential drops off.
  9. Production potential drops significantly when planted further north than Tennessee.
  10. The potential drop that accelerates them to this speed is called the "'pre-sheath " '.


  1. the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
    पर्याय: electric potential, potential, potential difference, voltage

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