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  1. Telephones at the Public Security Ministry in Beijing went unanswered Wednesday afternoon.
  2. Public Security Minister Avigdor Kahalani said Israel was worried about American dictates.
  3. I went to the Public Security Bureau to ask where he is.
  4. State Public Security Secretary Saulo de Abreu said in a radio interview.
  5. The state must recover control of the country and provide public security,
  6. Since then Netanyahu has talked less about Jerusalem than about public security.
  7. The city also sought financial restitution for private and public security costs.
  8. A state of emergency exists for the public security in Sierra Leone,
  9. Public Security Minister Avigdor Kahalani said he knew of no such restriction.
  10. A call to the Beijing Public Security Bureau went unanswered Saturday afternoon.


  1. the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace"
    पर्याय: peace

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