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  1. The wall is calcareous, perforate and pustulate, especially on the umbilical side.
  2. Indeed, he added, " every man, woman and child among us has become a vile, pustulating pedophile ."
  3. Critical reaction was harsh for the same reason : in his " Comics Buyer's Guide " column, " The Law is a Ass, " Bob Ingersoll cited the book as being a " crime against humanity . " In revisiting his columns a decade later, Ingersoll edited his criticism to take out " very inappropriate " assumptions about Gerber, although he still found the series to be " pustulate ".
  4. "Asterohedbergella ", which has a stellate outline, is from the Upper Cretaceous ( M . to U . Cenomanian ) of Israel . " Costellagerina ", which has a lobate outline, is from the Upper Cretaceous ( Cenomanian to Campanian ) and is cosmopolitan . " Whiteinella ", which has a pustulate surface, is from the U . Cretaceous ( M . Cenomanian to M . Turonian ), is also cosmopolitan.


  1. (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin
    पर्याय: acned, pimpled, pimply

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