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  1. The shell width influences the Q factor or tread of the bike.
  2. Like cavity resonators, helical resonators can achieve Q factors in the 1000s.
  3. Also, the Q factor of a synthesized inductor can be selected with ease.
  4. The Q factor of RF MEMS resonators is in the order of 100-1000.
  5. These effects make the high frequency resistance greater and decrease the Q factor.
  6. A band-pass filter can be characterized by its Q factor.
  7. bandwidth of tuned circuits and reduce the circuit s frequency selectivity, or Q factor.
  8. Resonator quality is characterised by a parameter called Q factor, or just " Q ".
  9. A major reason for the wide use of crystal oscillators is their high Q factor.
  10. When coated, tuned and assembled within the housing, the Q factor remains over 10 million.

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