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  1. In 1967, the cells were crammed with people arrested during race riots.
  2. You won't read about the Tulsa race riot in the history books.
  3. Race riots in Chicago in 1919 started on a beach, he said.
  4. Kennedy warned that failure to act could lead to more race riots.
  5. Marshall entered politics in the wake of the 1969 York Race Riot.
  6. The Vancouver race riot resulted in bans on immigration for Japanese people.
  7. Race riots broke out in Liverpool, London and seven other major ports.
  8. It was a year of race riots, anti-war demonstrations and body counts.
  9. There's been a dearth of natural disasters, race riots or deadly conspiracies.
  10. Is a man killed in a race riot the victim of murder?


  1. a riot caused by hatred for one another of members of different races in the same community

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