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  1. A binary-safe function is essentially one that treats its input as a raw stream of bytes and ignores every textual aspect it may have.
  2. Another technique used to control ones-density is the use of a pseudo-random, but where the raw stream can be recovered exactly by reversing the effect of the polynomial.
  3. Atmos takes a fundamentally different approach in that it does not attempt to transmit a sound field; it transmits discrete premixes or stems ( i . e ., raw streams of sound data ) along with metadata about what location and direction they should appear to be coming from.
  4. Though the debut is regarded as a landmark recording, " The Crypt " was arguably even more important in establishing the droning, long-form music that would come to characterise AMM . Further " out " and even less conventional than earlier material, one critic has written of it that " an eerie sensation inevitably accompanies each listen to the raw streams of electric noise channeled on AMM's second album and early masterpiece, " The Crypt ".

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