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[ 'rɔ:haid ]
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  1. Stuck for ideas beyond the usual rawhide bone and catnip mouse?
  2. "Rawhide " and " Maverick ."
  3. Lady Sophia cavorts with a rawhide bone under the computer desk.
  4. Each box includes four barstools with leather seats and rawhide bindings.
  5. "Bonanza " and " Rawhide ."
  6. "Gunsmoke " and " Rawhide ."
  7. The panels would be made of compressed grains, or rawhide.
  8. Papelbon says his dog loves rawhide and baseballs are his toys.
  9. Train loading at the Rawhide mine is done in two passes.
  10. They then took up the occupation of manufacturing of rawhide jars.


  1. untanned hide especially of cattle; cut in strips it is used for whips and ropes

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