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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Of these parts, only the recuperator and front trail weighted over.
  2. The recoil system consisted of a hydraulic recoil buffer and spring-driven recuperator.
  3. It is visibly identified by having 2 recoil / recuperator cylinders above the barrel.
  4. The gun had horizontal sliding breechblock, hydraulic recoil buffer and spring-driven recuperator.
  5. The turbine design included a recuperator.
  6. Leyland's use of a recuperator improved this considerably, but proved a maintenance problem.
  7. The recoil system ( buffer and recuperator ) is mounted on the cradle above the barrel.
  8. The buffer was mounted centrally in the cradle, between the two springs of the recuperator.
  9. The term " recuperator " refers to a separated-flow, counter-current heat exchanger.
  10. The barrel and recuperator are pulled back between the closed trails and locked in a travelling position.
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