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  1. Rescripts of Gothic wars; its walls were dismantled by Totila.
  2. At the same time, his rescript ( Denifle, " Chartul.
  3. The rescript also contains several enactments relating to academic discipline.
  4. Yasuoka is known to have edited the Imperial Surrender Rescript in some points.
  5. The imperial rescript is preserved on an inscription.
  6. "Let all who see this rescript immediately return allegiance to the throne.
  7. Normally, the same rescript grants both laicization and dispensation from the obligation of celibacy.
  8. He challenged the Imperial Rescript on Education and spoke against the Russo-Japanese war.
  9. Papal rescripts concern the granting of favours or the administration of justice under canon law.
  10. The Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors became compulsory reading for students during this period.
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