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  1. The next morning, the enemy attacked again as a rescue party approached.
  2. Some houses were also flooded, with rescue parties evacuating several elderly people.
  3. Upon hearing Edmund's situation, he orders a rescue party of loyal Narnians.
  4. Jemima married Flanders Callaway, who had been one of the rescuing party.
  5. Summarily, the M�tis released the prisoners and the rescue party was dispersed.
  6. When a rescue party went to the scene, it, too, was ambushed.
  7. Kamule said rescue parties are still searching for the nine missing passengers.
  8. Finally, he and the rescue party recruited from the gallery give up.
  9. Finally, they pulled their shipmates from the rescue party back on board.
  10. Yelena is found just in time by a rescue party from the village.


  1. a party of rescuers

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