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  1. He now works for the Harvard Kennedy School as a research assistant.
  2. Kalm�r began his career as a research assistant to Haar and Riesz.
  3. Peter Johannsen, a research assistant in the project, told The Associated Press.
  4. Harborne was associate professor and research assistant in the Department of Botany.
  5. You can be a research assistant or work in other service positions.
  6. Sanjiv K . Talwar, research assistant professor at Downstate Medical Center, said.
  7. "Madame Roulin always looked jaundiced, " observes MFA research assistant Deanna Griffin.
  8. After Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation in 1968 as a research assistant.
  9. They also witness Weeks s research assistant Alan Hendricks spending the night.
  10. She is now a research assistant in the Office of General Services.

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