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  1. The companies also differ in their approach to their own research labs.
  2. The research lab had tried and failed a number of different solutions.
  3. The Case Research Lab is now a museum open to the public.
  4. They're running road graders and research labs, space flights and sales meetings.
  5. AviGenics was born in the research lab of UGA scientist Robert Ivarie.
  6. DaimlerChrysler shut down an assembly plant and two research labs in Windsor.
  7. His pharmacology research lab was the cradle of medical research in Taiwan.
  8. That deal will give it a plant and research lab in Japan.
  9. Research Labs to make a " Future of Yahoo ! " section.
  10. Faculty offices and a research lab are located on the fourth floor.


  1. a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
    पर्याय: lab, laboratory, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory

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  1. research in progress
  2. research institute
  3. research institute for music and performing arts
  4. research institutes
  5. research investigator
  6. research laboratory
  7. research library
  8. research method
  9. research of a medical nature
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