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  1. From 1967 to 1995, PTB operated the Experimental and Research Reactor Braunschweig.
  2. The WSUR is purely a research reactor, lacking both a power reactors.
  3. Governments should work together to remove uranium from potentially vulnerable research reactors.
  4. RRR is a research reactor that is intended to produce thermal neutrons.
  5. Five other domestic research reactors can't be converted yet for technical reasons.
  6. A light-water research reactor, by contrast, uses a lower grade of plutonium.
  7. In 1992 Egypt acquired a 22MW multi-purpose research reactor ETRR-2 from Argentina.
  8. Research reactors have been in operation at the laboratory since the 1950s.
  9. The wastes are fuel for research reactors originally provided by the United States.
  10. in his tracks, caught by a radiation detector hidden at the research reactor's

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