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  1. That's because Edwards was trained as a research scientist, not a physician.
  2. He is an active research scientist in quantum chemistry and computational chemistry.
  3. Ewen Whitaker retired from the LPL in 1978 becoming research scientist emeritus.
  4. Pat Hutchings is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum.
  5. Tucker, a research scientist, grabbed a palm-sized native mussel from the boat.
  6. This is a lot different from my life as a research scientist.
  7. Blue Ocean Institute is staffed by research scientists, writers and fisheries experts.
  8. Hagenmaier retired in May after nearly 40 years as a research scientist.
  9. Ships operated by WHOI carry research scientists throughout the world s oceans.
  10. Under this protection, only research scientists were permitted to visit the site.

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