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  1. According to Scientology, thetan powers are said to remain potent and restorable.
  2. It is these additions which furnish most of the Sanctuary's restorable monuments.
  3. If it is available ( not greyed out ) there is a restorable session available.
  4. Of these compositions, only " Alleluia, Dies sanctificatus " is completely restorable.
  5. This too will dull the finish, but it's restorable with vigorous, light buffing.
  6. Fortunately, good free software programs are available and plenty of restorable images are already waiting for attention.
  7. Four restorable pots were found of which one has a design and the remaining three pots without design.
  8. "The house is absolutely restorable, " said Mrs . Ketcham, the real estate agent.
  9. The'readily restorable'definition defines firearms which previously could shoot automatically but will not in their present condition.
  10. The longer items are left submerged, the greater the likelihood that the damage will render the items non-restorable.
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