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  1. The illustration looks more like " femoral retroversion " to me.
  2. A surgical technique known as the " Frommel operation " is used as treatment for retroversion of the uterus.
  3. Unlike other spring types, arcing springs may be used by women with mild cystocele, rectocele, or retroversion.
  4. When Ferdinand VII of Spain was overthrown during the Peninsular War, they supported the Retroversion of the sovereignty to the people principle.
  5. Such a reconstructed vorlage may be called a " retroversion ", and it invariably is made with some amount of uncertainty.
  6. Many scholars believed that the Cairo Geniza Hebrew text might be a retroversion text, taken from an earlier and more reliable text in Greek.
  7. With its origin on the scapula, the long head also acts on the shoulder joint and is also involved in retroversion and adduction of the arm.
  8. The principle of retroversion of sovereignty was premised on the basis that the Spanish territories in America were a personal possession of the king of Spain, and not a colony of Spain.
  9. Nevertheless, the vorlage may still be reconstructed in some parts at such a level of confidence that the translation and its retroversion can be used as a witness for the purposes of textual criticism.
  10. He based his speech on two key ideas : the government's lapsed legitimacy he stated that the Supreme Central Junta was dissolved and had no rights to designate a Regency and the principle of retroversion of sovereignty.
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