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[ rəu'tʌnditi ]
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  1. Strike flat the thick rotundity o'th'world,
  2. He maintained the rotundity of the Earth and Earth's rotation.
  3. Many Roman authors such as Cicero and Pliny refer in their works to the rotundity of the earth as a matter of course.
  4. After all the roles, his face and rotundity are recognizable, but many of the younger crowd in Hollywood don't know his name.
  5. Adams favored " His Majesty the President, " prompting his enemies to suggest a title for the spherical Adams : " His Rotundity ."
  6. References to my obvious " rotundity, " as one reader put it, are beyond counting and, my cardiologist is sad to note, avail.
  7. Mark Twain would replace the word " sparsicity " _ a very Twainesque word _ with " rotundity, " for a reason buried with him.
  8. Graham Gooch commented on the reaction of Gatting, " He looked as though someone had just nicked his lunch ", as Gatting was much mocked for his rotundity.
  9. Kassabian invented a positioning device for chest X-rays that showed the body's rotundity; previously, X-ray images had rendered the ribs as flat.
  10. The prehistoric Venus of Willendorf is commonly regarded as an example of a feminine fertility symbol-its rotundity and obesity being seen as attractive in times when food was scarce.


  1. the roundness of a 3-dimensional object
    पर्याय: sphericity, sphericalness, globosity, globularness, rotundness
  2. the fullness of a tone of voice; "there is a musky roundness to his wordiness"
    पर्याय: roundness

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