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  1. Pronotum is black, with longitudinal stripes of rugosity.
  2. The author states that rugosity is " a bony signature of dermal armor ".
  3. Cranial rugosity is an indication, but not a sure sign, of a horn.
  4. Some of the more common symptoms are chlorotic rings, leaf rugosity and green mosaic.
  5. The leaves of these plants turn mosaic and their rugosity is often changed, making leaves wrinkled and misshapened.
  6. Despite the popularity of using rugosity for two-and three-dimensional surface analyses, methodological inconsistency has been problematic.
  7. Rugosity calculations are commonly used in materials science to characterize surfaces, amongst others, in marine science to characterize seafloor habitats.
  8. Infected plants, especially the natural hosts, show symptoms such as chlorotic local lesions, mosaic, mottling, puckering or rugosity.
  9. The first dermal armour is indicated by cranial rugosity on " Trigonias osborni ", Late Eocene, 42-32 Mya.
  10. "' Coral biology "': High rugosity is often an indication of the presence of coral, which creates a complex surface as it grows.

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