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  1. A : For one, I like to shoot down those sacred cows.
  2. He attacked Romanticism, particularly in its American manifestations, and assailed sacred cow.
  3. But it has also come to include a sanctimonious Sacred Cow mentality.
  4. President Harry Truman often flew in that plane, nicknamed Sacred Cow by reporters.
  5. But it is also a house where the audience has no sacred cows.
  6. Apparently, when it comes to outlawing online gambling, Australia has some sacred cows.
  7. Yes, I get on players and there are no sacred cows.
  8. In short, he attempts to tip a lot of sacred cows.
  9. The demo for " Sacred Cows " was released on iTunes.
  10. Sixty years later, however, the New Deal is no longer a sacred cow.


  1. a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism

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