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  1. Its brightest star is Sadalmelik, directly west of the water jug.
  2. Sadalmelik also notes that User : GrahamBould has created 2, 543 articles.
  3. Alpha Aquarii, also known as Sadalmelik, has an apparent magnitude of 2.94.
  4. It is at an angular separation of 110.4 arcseconds from Sadalmelik along a position angle of 40?
  5. Sadalmelik, Arabic for " the lucky stars of the king, " is a giant yellow star about 760 light-years away.
  6. Sadalmelik has a visual companion, designated " 2MASS J22055176-0017468 ", with an apparent visual magnitude of approximately 12.2.
  7. Exactly 10 degrees southwest of Sadalmelik is the second-brightest star in Aquarius : Sadalsund, " the luckiest of the lucky stars ."
  8. User : Sadalmelik notes here that Blotchy swell shark and Blackspot shark both copy content from fishbase . org, which has a non-commercial cc license and hence is unusable here . ( I haven't been able to load the sources personally to verify these articles, both of which are still viewable.

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