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  1. Samite co-founded the charity with his late wife, Joan.
  2. :: Samite looks like the most expensive of all!
  3. It has a panchayat samite office in it including other two villages Meghakheda & Prempura.
  4. In 318 BC envoys form Samite cities went to Rome to " seek a renewal of the treaty.
  5. Performers included Thomas, TV personality Dr . Janet Taylor and Musicians for World Harmony founder Samite Mulondo.
  6. The first wave struck from dead ahead, torpedoing SS Paul Hamilton and SS " Samite ".
  7. The Roman side was protected by Italian allies : two cohorts of Marrucini and Paeligni and two squadrons of Samite cavalry.
  8. He played guitar and lent background vocals for the song " Fear Not Mary " with Ugandan-American musician Samite.
  9. Samite is also a co-founder of Musicians for World Harmony, a nonprofit organization that introduces music to African orphans.
  10. Very quickly he took a translator and a large dromedary loaded with silver cloth, called " samite " in our language.


  1. a heavy silk fabric (often woven with silver or gold threads); used to make clothing in the Middle Ages

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