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  1. About 400 2-ounce sample bottles were also given out at the show.
  2. During a dawn flight, sample bottles were filled with crater lake water.
  3. The size ranges from very small sample bottles to large carboys.
  4. But these were all giveaways _ sample bottles handed out at store openings, fragrance promotions and fashion shows.
  5. In 1946, she publicized the launch of her first perfume by parachuting hundreds of sample bottles across Paris.
  6. When the samples were taken a month ago, Jayasinghe had said the sample bottles were not properly sealed.
  7. Meanwhile, the Fruitopia buses that are now fanning out across the country, dispensing sample bottles and strange entertainment, are pure'60s.
  8. In the United States, plastic water bottles are regulated by the FDA which also inspects and samples bottled water plants periodically.
  9. Though it was already in some 1, 000 canisters and 6, 000 sample bottles, it was still in a corrosive,  wet form.
  10. "Glorious, isn't it ? " a shopper coos to her pal as the two spritz cologne from sample bottles at the check-out counter.

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