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  1. Neither does his fierce criticism of American protectionism arise from any instinct toward anti-Anglo-Saxonism, a fashionable attitude in France.
  2. It re-entered academic English through the invention of the word " folklore " in 1846 by the antiquarian Anglo-Saxonism.
  3. Washington Irving slapped the nickname on Manhattan in the early 19th century ( and it may be the only Anglo-Saxonism not routinely heard today on the sidewalks of New York ).
  4. Bourne was greatly influenced by Horace Kallen's 1915 essay " Democracy Versus the Melting-Pot " and argued, like Kallen, that Americanism ought not to be associated with Anglo-Saxonism.
  5. These scholars had more intellectual, political, and chronological distance from the events on the late eighteenth century; but writing during a time of massive immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe, Anglo-Saxonism tainted their writings.
  6. This is obviously Parliament, champion of its own liberties and jealous of any royal dictation, citing some obscure Anglo-Saxonism which hardly existed before expedient excuses were wanting . talk ) 09 : 21, 14 July 2009 ( UTC)
  7. Employing the past tense of a familiar anglo-saxonism in such a way as to remind you as much as possible of Fastcompany . com, this page offers a daily diet of amusingly-written " facts, rumors and other dot . com doom stories ."
  8. In addition, Cooper's particular version of Anglo-Saxonism, with its strong focus on teaching and learning, is isomorphic to the ideology of adult / child power relations represented in the novels, an ideology that puts great weight on the value of obedience to authority.
  9. One much e-mailed missive features a faux Time magazine cover with a photo of Bush and a headline that proclaims : " We are ( expletive ) " Another fairly bristles with fury, repeatedly using the same Anglo-Saxonism in its verb form to virulently attack the South, which went solidly for Bush.
  10. Fred C . Robinson wrote that it " should be read by all medievalists who care about their profession . " In 1994 Frantzen was the keynote speaker at a conference at the University of California, Berkeley that was published as " Anglo-Saxonism and the Construction of Social Identity " ( 1997 ).
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