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  1. Why is the 4th scale degree a graphic inversion of the 7th?
  2. This structure avoids half step intervals by eliminating the fourth and seventh scale degrees.
  3. The number of scale degrees and the distance between them together define a scale.
  4. Horn fifths occur when the upper voice is on the first three scale degrees.
  5. However, these tunes do sound Irish because of their inclusion of the sixth scale degree.
  6. In harmonic minor scales, the augmented second occurs between the sixth and seventh scale degrees.
  7. However, there is no requirement that musicians associate the solf�ge symbols with the scale degrees.
  8. A major scale can be transformed to its parallel minor by sharpening those same scale degrees.
  9. Some minor tunes, including Windham ( below ), are printed with a raised seventh scale degree.
  10. Put another way, the key whose tonic is the dominant scale degree in the main key.

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