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  1. Scaled errors are a helpful alternative to percentage errors when comparing between different scales.
  2. As a single gauge instrument approaches 100 % leakage, the leakage scale error reaches maximum.
  3. Well-established alternatives are the mean absolute scaled error ( MASE ) and the mean squared error.
  4. Researchers attribute these scale errors to " immature inhibitory control due to an immature prefrontal cortex.
  5. Consumer groups and government agencies tend to work only on large-scale errors that will affect many people.
  6. It is believed that in young children, these two streams are not communicating properly, resulting in scale errors.
  7. Location and site plan of Klin-Yar ( drawn by M . Mathews; NB scale error : correct 500m, not 50m ).
  8. The new version was given in a small number of school districts for the first year, then scores were curved to correct scaling errors.
  9. Behaviors known as scale errors were observed in which the children attempted to interact with the miniature objects in the same way they had with the larger versions.
  10. The August 2001 version, the latest analyzed, was a " real improvement, " the Decode scientists say, but still contained 104 large-scale errors, according to their recombination map.

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