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  1. Ms . Bartoli and company handle the business of scattering beautifully.
  2. "I'm not big on scattering,"
  3. All you need is a scattering of seeds to get started.
  4. He travels around picking up new ideas and scattering them about.
  5. Boats capsized or went scattering as rain swelled lakes and canals.
  6. She blasts into the lobby, scattering E40's people.
  7. Scattering roadside gravel like buckshot isn't quite my thing.
  8. Particle physics is mostly based on scattering something off something else,
  9. The result was a scattering of six hits over eight innings.
  10. The Clintons, the delegates, and the reporters are scattering.


  1. the act of scattering
    पर्याय: scatter, strewing
  2. spreading widely or driving off
    पर्याय: dispersion
  3. a light shower that falls in some locations and not others nearby
    पर्याय: sprinkle, sprinkling
  4. the physical process in which particles are deflected haphazardly as a result of collisions
  5. a small number (of something) dispersed haphazardly; "the first scatterings of green"; "a sprinkling of grey at his temples"
    पर्याय: sprinkling

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