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  1. A gas with cosmological abundances of hydrogen and helium is much more transparent than gas with solar abundance ratios.
  2. The lack of a deep convection zone would mean that the outer layers would retain higher abundance ratios of these heavy elements.
  3. The conversion between flux units and TNU depends on the thorium to uranium abundance ratio ( Th / U ) of the emitter.
  4. Clear evidence of the presence of 26 Al at an abundance ratio of 5?0  " 5 was shown by Lee, et al.
  5. In the same paper, the authors also elaborate on the HNC / HCN abundance ratio as a means of determining the temperature of the environment.
  6. The first graph ( on the left; fig . 1 in paper ) plots the nitrogen / oxygen vs . oxygen / hydrogen abundance ratio.
  7. A number of detections have been made towards the end of confirming the temperature dependence of the abundance ratio of [ HNC ] / [ HCN ].
  8. For example, quantitative analysis performed by mass spectrometry on biological samples can determine, by the relative abundance ratio of specific proteins, indications of certain diseases, like cancer.
  9. In 1992, Schilke et al . measured abundances of HNC, HCN, and deuterated analogs along the OMC-1 ridge and core and confirmed the temperature dependence of the abundance ratio.
  10. The mean cyclic-to-linear abundance ratio for C 3 H is found to be 2.7, although a large variation in this ratio is observed from source to source.
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