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  1. The likely outcome is an abuse of rights with little new security.
  2. It could also act to guard against abuse of rights by the government.
  3. Jesuits have long been on the vanguard of Catholic Church movements, particularly in fighting poverty and abuse of rights.
  4. In Scottish law ( which is mixed civil / common law jurisdiction ), abuse of rights is called " Aemulatio Vicinis"
  5. However, abuse of rights and legitimate interests of citizens, including trial participants, may be a subject for a separate appeal.
  6. Deadminning for abuse of rights plus civility parole should be enough .-- Irpen 17 : 40, 23 March 2007 ( UTC)
  7. This general approach implicitly attacks civil law systems have a theory of " abuse of right " to explain denial of justification in such extreme cases.
  8. In 1931, she published " The Conscription of a People "-a protest against the abuse of rights in the Soviet Union.
  9. They are characterized as such by some French and Dominican scholars in discussions of the judicial doctrine of abuse of rights and the expansion of the notion of unjust enrichment.
  10. Mexico's Foreign Ministry said in a press released issued Thursday it registered 72, 864 cases of abuse of rights of Mexican immigrants in the United States last year.
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