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  1. Many have an accelerator pump, an automatic turbocharged engines feature a temperature compensator.
  2. The Amals on the GT were replaced by 30 mm Dell'Ortos with accelerator pumps.
  3. :An accelerator pump portion is either remotely mounted or mounted on the carburetor body.
  4. By contrast, the fixed choke design adds extra fuel under these conditions using its accelerator pump.
  5. Wherever possible the bike was lightened, and new 40 mm Dell'Orto carburetors with accelerator pumps were used.
  6. The accelerator pump is also used to " prime " the engine with fuel prior to a cold start.
  7. Whereas other BMW boxers had Bing slide constant velocity carburetor, the R90S was fitted with accelerator pump Dell'Orto carburetors.
  8. The over-square engine, that met Euro1, was fed by a Keihin slide type carburetor with accelerator pump for better pick-up.
  9. The accelerator pump is either mechanically connected to the throttle, or it is operated by sensing the manifold pressure change when the throttle is opened.
  10. This serves as the equivalent of an " accelerator pump " on traditional carburettors by temporarily increasing the speed of air through the venturi, thus increasing the richness of the mixture.
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