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  1. He passed the admission examination of the Milan Conservatory on 12 October.
  2. Thomas attended President Theodore Roosevelt, and was asked to take the admission examination.
  3. The admission examination tests each student's potential to successfully pursue the undergraduate or graduate degree programs.
  4. However, some tertiary education programmes have their own admission examinations, and many use a mixture of both.
  5. Educational standards and competitive admission examinations ensured that a more qualified body of civil servants would become administrators.
  6. Prior to the study, admissions decisions were based mainly on middle school grades and students'scores on the admission examination.
  7. They promptly organized a sit-in in an attempt to block the Georgian preparations for admissions examinations for their new university.
  8. Amoud University started its first admission examination on September 1997 and selected 66 students to undergo a nine-month intensive English course.
  9. No intermediate degrees count towards the admission examination or even exist ( except for systems analysts in information systems engineering ).
  10. Eliot was a key figure in the creation of standardized admissions examinations, as a founding member of the College Entrance Examination Board.
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