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  1. But, she said, none would provide her admissions records organized by high school.
  2. Both eventually were admitted, with admission records not indicating whether Connerly was the ultimate persuading factor.
  3. The aim is to digitally store parish records, Poor Law documents, and school admission records up to 1911.
  4. They obtained admissions records and college transcripts, and examined whether performance on AP exams correlated with success in college.
  5. The father, a statistician, had reviewed admission records and suspected his son was being denied because he was white.
  6. His look at the admissions records led him to think his son had fallen to the bottom of a racially stacked deck.
  7. Admission records show the undergraduate student body, which numbers more than 6, 000, is now about 58 percent Catholic.
  8. Station entertained more than 850, 000 patrons last month, topping the monthly admission record of 838, 000 it set in February 1997.
  9. Interest in The Citadel increased significantly under Grinalds'leadership and, in the later years of his tenure, the college set admissions records.
  10. A hospital in Canada, for example, uses Polaroid I-Zone cameras that yield sticky-backed prints to affix pictures to admissions records.
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