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  1. However, its aerial bombardment of rebel positions on the mountain was devastating.
  2. The PLA used guns, cannons and also aerial bombardment in the campaign.
  3. During World War 2 the port faced aerial bombardment from the Japanese.
  4. "It was an indefensible act of aerial bombardment, " the letter says.
  5. After the French aerial bombardment of Damascus, Shallash condemned the action, stating:
  6. The personal appeal of Sihanouk, and widespread US aerial bombardment helped recruitment.
  7. The Royal Saudi Air Force also conducted a series of aerial bombardments.
  8. There she served as a target for aerial bombardment practice until 1955.
  9. "Most of the city is mined and there's a lot of aerial bombardments,"
  10. In late August, the Russian military began aerial bombardments of Karamakhi.
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