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  1. Exit holes for the aerial cables are evidenced in the concrete floor.
  2. Anna takes Lars-Erik for an open aerial cable car ride across the falls.
  3. A decision was taken to replace the rack railway with an aerial cable car.
  4. The aerial cables that carry pylons are generally considered an unattractive feature of the countryside.
  5. The helicopter apparently flew into an aerial cable used for transport of goods and hay.
  6. Barcelona is served by a comprehensive local public transport network that includes a aerial cable cars.
  7. Portions of the aerial cabling, including the stretch running across the dam, had deteriorated and become unreliable.
  8. Suburban and rural service also expanded, mostly with aerial cable or open wire plant and Strowger switches.
  9. As power lines the aerial cable can serve also as ground conductor on the top of the pylon.
  10. The "'Jeatd cable car "'is an aerial cable car service at Jeatd mountain above Liberec in the Czech Republic.
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