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  1. It worked, after a fashion, but I could not quit the program.
  2. And I do follow my own advice-- after a fashion-- at home.
  3. The final conclusion is that the system does work, after a fashion.
  4. It worked, after a fashion : 22, 000 car-manufacturing jobs were saved.
  5. Ann Christiane Peine, a 19-year-old model from Germany, said after a fashion show.
  6. His father and his new girlfriend now care for him, after a fashion.
  7. You park in a lot maintained, after a fashion, by the Park Service.
  8. But there were also those who were lucky, after a fashion.
  9. And after a fashion show, I always work on the floor with customers.
  10. Bailey's victory was, after a fashion, redemptive for his adopted Canada.
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