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  1. Options were a 2?power scope with crosshairs or a vertical aiming post and a 5-power scope with crosshairs.
  2. The reticle is an inverted aiming post in the top half of the field of view and is tritium-illuminated for low-light condition aiming.
  3. A clinometer was provided for indirect fire when the sight was aimed using a gun-arc ( a refined version of the expedient devices used in South Africa ) and aiming posts in line horizontally with the target.
  4. When a gun was oriented in its centre of arc it recorded the parallelescope as one of its aiming points ( other types of aiming point were a distinctive distant topographical feature or a pair of aiming posts ).
  5. The earliest form of aiming point was a pair of aiming posts for each gun, almost in line with one another when viewed through the gun's sight, and placed about 50 meters from the gun.
  6. The battalion noted that the use of two collimators was an effective replacement for the use of aiming posts when occupying constricted platoon sized positions, that low-level illumination was an effective incendiary against enemy crops, and that aerial photos or overflights assisted in the defense of fire support bases, especially when no infantry security forces were provided.
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